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Curtis Loves Movies [2018] FILM


Friend Request [2016] * * * *


I haven't been scared by a horror movie in many years. I was beginning to wonder if it was even possible anymore. Most of the time, I'm too in my head to let go and be frightened. For some reason, with this movie, I let go.

The jump scares startled me, the creepy imagery put me on edge, and the general sense of dread built until I found myself genuinely afraid. Although I wasn't analyzing things as I went (i.e. I was not in my head), and therefore can't really comment on the skill of the director, my guess is he's pretty talented. The way information in the frame was hidden and then revealed added to fear I felt.

Oh, and I dug those animations. Cool way to make the goth girl's personality and backstory visual.

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised I liked this as much as I did. Friend request accepted.




Curtis Loves Movies [2018] FILM


New Jack City [1991] * * *



"New Jack City" is basically the movie version of Seth Green's character in "Can't Hardly Wait".

Yet despite the movie thinking it's so much cooler than it actually is, I have a soft spot for this movie. The weird angles, the stylish close-ups, the corny dialogue. But the last 10 minutes are just ridiculous. Here's a small sample:

- The "surprise" ending is straight out of an episode of "Law & Order".

- The slow motion head tilt as Ice-T follows Wesley Snipe's body over the railing.

- When Ice-T decides not to shoot Snipes, you can hear someone in the crowd yell, "Give me the gun, man, I'll shoot him."

- The final title card calling for an end to drug violence, hahaha!

Harry S. Plinkett of RedLetterMedia fame should review this one.

Oh, and "New Jack Hustler" has got to be my favorite rap song from that era. H-U-S-T-L-E-R hustler!




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