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Biscoito18 [2018] FILM


Death Wish 3 [1985] * * * *


"Death Wish 3" is one of the most satisfying and funny movies I've ever watched. The kind of film that, unfortunately, is no longer made today thanks to the hellish patrol of politically correct attention whores, also known as SJWs. If you doubt, just look at the absurd 6% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where all the critics are from 2000 onwards and almost all show their real political motive behind their hatred for this movie.

From the initial credits with Kersey crossing the city inside a bus, it's like you stepped into a time capsule. All the visuals and feeling you can expect from the 80s are there. A feast for nostalgic eyes and ears.

This movie is pure catharsis. The characters are designed to represent the situation as directly as possible. No subversion of expectations. The script is as straight and accurate as Kersey's magnum bullets.

The film seduces with the fantasy of being able to solve all problems with one's own hands without bowing to the law, and delivering instant justice in a simple setting where right and wrong are as distinct as water and wine. Pure and delicious escapism that only cinema can provide.

There is no race war in Paul Kersey's New York. There are only good citizens and criminals. Also, carnage and nudity are present but only appear when necessary.

Throughout the movie, Paul ventures into dark alleys, exchanges shots and confronts criminals with his head held high. Always with a confidence and calmness that makes everything more satisfying. You start to trust him just like the other characters. Amazing leader.

Paul Kersey, '80s punk gangs, a maze of dirty New York alleys, and a LOT of guns: matches made in heaven! It's been a long time since I've had such fun watching a movie.




jmunky [2018] FILM


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues [2013] * * *


I was really worried about this one, but the crack-smoking scene saved it.




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